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Blurb for Metatron's Pytho

Pytho: The ancient name for Delphi; root word for Pythia.

Meet Lorcan Thompson AKA Cory Cane, an adult entertainment performer. He's found out some startling things about himself; like the fact his mate is an all powerful Angel with powers on par with Alastair, King of the Divine Presence. And let's not forget that his father kept the secret of whom his mother really is, A Goddess by the name of Hecate. Also the powers that were awoken in him, makes him an all powerful Pytho.

Metatron, Prince of the Divine Presence & Mate to one Lorcan Thompson. He had been recalled to Heaven and somehow was struck with a virus. Hellagor rescues him, because he and Lorcan are dying after being separated from one another.

Together they must deal with the kidnapping of Lorcan’s nephew, a powerful psychic entity and one of the four horsemen.

Plus a little bit of a back story on Hellagor after he loses his cool.

Will they fall in Love? What happens to an Angel that fell? And what are Primordial Hecateans?

Book two in the Supernatural Porn Stars series

Phoenix Hell

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