Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Inspiration for Flame Nature

Here is the original inspiration for Hellagor's Mate, Flame Nature. The model is Porn Star Sean Zevran.

Phoenix Hell

Monday, April 10, 2017

Appearing on Queer SciFi's website

I made it to Queer sci-fi's website.

Phoenix Hell

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Character Bio: Hellagor Ravenwing Nature

Hellagor Ravenwing Nature

Birth Name: Hellagor Frost-Ravenwing

Aliases: Nixie, Hellagor Ravenwing Nature, Prince Hellagor,

Titles: Primordial Hecatean God OF the Sacred Force; Lord of Ice and Water, Duke of the Ocean, King of the elements, Prince of the hybrids, Prince of the Sprite-Witch hybrids, Former Primordial Hecatean God OF Strategy, Ice, Water, Winter, The Weather, And Procreation;

Family: Conchobhar Frost (Grandfather, King of the Sprite), Starr Sapphire Frost (Grandmother, Queen of the Sprites/Primordial Hecatean Goddess of the wind, luck), Woulff Ravening (Father, Former Prince of Witches/Magic Users, Primordial Hecatean God of The Ocean), Demetrios "Troika" Frost-Ravenwing (Sire, Former Prince of the Sprites, Primordial Hecatean God of the Underworld, and The giver of riches), Coilin Flame Nature (Husband/Mate, Primordial Hecatean God of Nature, Fertility, Conflict), Donal Conchobhar Ravenwing-Nature (First born son of Hellagor and Flame, Primordial Hecatean God of Love, beauty, Protection,), Koori Ryū Ravenwing-Nature (Second born son of Hellagor and Flame, God of Dragons), Kimberly FoxHeart (Sister/Queen of the Kitsunes), Monique Eurayle (Queen of the Gorgons, Sister), Cailleach Ravenwing (Queen of the Witches/Magic users, Grandmother), White Frost Queen (Great Aunt, Yuki-Onna)

Supernatural Gay Porn Stars/Guards: Cathal Fusion [Randall Shaft], Darien Greene [Kendrick London], Liam Parkinson [Josiah Blue], Oengus Guiliano [Cain Strange], Fintan Adkins [Diego Kell], Hugh wood [Wyr Sterling], Lorcan Thompson [Cory Cane],

Height: 6'

Weight: Muscular

Eye color: forest green or Emerald green; Able to go a deep dark ebony black with fury or ice white.

Hair Color: Purple

T-Shirts: Hell's Phoenix, I love Cock, "Keep Calm, I've got a Pet Wussy,"

Unusual Features: Eyes change color depending on mood; Wings that are rainbow colored and translucent.

Pets: Balthazar - Hellagor's Lion Shaped Cat Sìth. Purple with Green eyes; Diamond - Coilin's ocelot shaped Cat Sìth. Sapphire blue with Emerald green eyes

Enemies: Azazeal, the Angel of Death; Apophis; Tyson Crème - Bad guy that once Kidnapped Kimmie: Bi-sexual porn star. - Dead; Flamebird's Noir- Human Coalition; Garuda - Hindu God-Prince of the Birds; Andromeda (The Green Queen of Hearts and Mistress of Zombies.);


Telepathy, Water Manipulation, Flight, Wing manifestation, Immortality, Enhanced Senses, Ice manipulation, Cryokinetic Creature Creation, Omni-Immunity, Superpower Manipulation, Magic Arrows,

Empathic Element Manipulation: Cloud Generation, Fog Generation, Thunder Control, Storm Creation, Rain Creation, Cold-proof Skin, Ecological Empathy,

berserker state: Enhanced Swordsmanship, Enhanced Marksmanship, Anger Empowerment, Combat Empowerment, Enhanced Combat, Weapon Proficiency, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Strength, Feral Mind, Pain Suppression, Unpredictability, Adoptive Muscle Memory, Gun Manipulation, Hypercompetence [in fighting], Night Vision, Weapon Manipulation, Inaudibility,

Godly Powers: Healing, Omnifarious, Immortality, Reforming, Reality Warping, Cosmic Awareness, Combat Perception, Omniscience, Order Manipulation, Ichthyoid Manipulation, Divine Force Manipulation, Meta Teleportation, War Manipulation, Primordial Force Manipulation,

Elemental: Water Affinity, Divine Ice Manipulation, Divine Lightning Manipulation, Divine Element Manipulation, Water Form Manipulation, Lake/River Manipulation, Alcohol Manipulation, Sky Manipulation, Arctic Manipulation, Blizzard Creation, Cold Air Manipulation, Cold Energy Manipulation, Cryo Bomb Generation, Cryokinetic Creature Creation, Cryo-Phasing, Cryokinetic Wing Manifestation, Electric Water Manipulation, Cloud Manipulation, Pure Ice Manipulation, Hydromancy, Oil Manipulation, Napalm Generation, Snow Manipulation,

As the Wielder of the Sacred force: Absolute Force Manipulation, Reality Warping that eclipses every God or Goddess, Portal Creation, Psychic Energy Manipulation, Telekinetic Force Manipulation,

Weapons: Supreme Sceptor; Former Supreme Ice scepter (or Ice Sceptor)

Trivia: Potentikinesis - Superpower Manipulation

Phoenix Hell

Monday, February 6, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Interviewing Tevan Wynters

Interviewing Tevan Wynters

What’s the one thing you want most out of life?  To be happy,

Do you have a favorite quote?

Not today Satan - Bianca Del Rio

If you could shrug off all your duties and responsibilities for one evening what would you do?

Without having to deal with family drama and pack issues; go out with Alejandro and relax. Maybe dinner and a movie. Or a picnic in the park.

What's your favorite past time?

Besides studying books on witchcraft to help with my powers. I like to read for myself. Or even curled up next to Alejandro.

What is your favorite comic?

I'm an Avenger fan. Especially Scarlet Witch. She has chaos reality Warping powers. Kinda like me. 😛

What's the most annoying, frustrating, or irritating thing that you've come across?

People taking advantage of others.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, famous or not who would it be and why?

Ooooh!! That's a hard one. Hmmmmm. Barack Obama for one. I love how he's ran the united States.

If you could have one special power, what would it be?

Just one. Weather manipulation. There are days I hate being a Warper. I have to constantly watch what the fuck I say.

What’s the Best thing about being You? Being a witch. Lol. I know what y'all are thinking but I love to read books on magic.

If you could be any superhero, who would it be?

Hmmmmm. I'm already like the Scarlet Witch. But I'd say Green Lantern. The only powers come from his ring and imagination.

what would you collect?

I already collect books. And Alejandro says my office has too many mirrors. Ten isn't too many.

What is a hobby, kink, quirk nobody but you knows?

I think Alejandro knows all of them. He drives me wild with his nipple rings. Always teasing me the fucker.

What is your fondest memory?

Helping Summanus my baby brother learn about his powers. See he can manipulate darkness and shadows. And one time we accidentally traveled through shadows from our parents home to Buckingham palace. Scared us both.

What scares you the most (even if it seems silly to others)?

Losing control over my powers. I'm afraid that one day I'll lose control and I could change the whole world.

How was the relationship with your parents?

Ugh!! Seriously, my father is the mayor, and my mom is rich. Between the balls and meetings I barely saw them. When it was time for my powers to manifest fully I was a huge disappointment. Right now my parents are furious that I declared myself as the protector of the city.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still with Alejandro and maybe we've adopted a kid.

If you were an animal what would you be?

A liger. The hybrid child of a Lion and a tiger.

If you could get away with anything, what would you do?

Snorts. Run Milky Way IL my way. I mean seriously my father only cares about brown nosing.