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Interviewing Tevan Wynters

Interviewing Tevan Wynters

What’s the one thing you want most out of life?  To be happy,

Do you have a favorite quote?

Not today Satan - Bianca Del Rio

If you could shrug off all your duties and responsibilities for one evening what would you do?

Without having to deal with family drama and pack issues; go out with Alejandro and relax. Maybe dinner and a movie. Or a picnic in the park.

What's your favorite past time?

Besides studying books on witchcraft to help with my powers. I like to read for myself. Or even curled up next to Alejandro.

What is your favorite comic?

I'm an Avenger fan. Especially Scarlet Witch. She has chaos reality Warping powers. Kinda like me. 😛

What's the most annoying, frustrating, or irritating thing that you've come across?

People taking advantage of others.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, famous or not who would it be and why?

Ooooh!! That's a hard one. Hmmmmm. Barack Obama for one. I love how he's ran the united States.

If you could have one special power, what would it be?

Just one. Weather manipulation. There are days I hate being a Warper. I have to constantly watch what the fuck I say.

What’s the Best thing about being You? Being a witch. Lol. I know what y'all are thinking but I love to read books on magic.

If you could be any superhero, who would it be?

Hmmmmm. I'm already like the Scarlet Witch. But I'd say Green Lantern. The only powers come from his ring and imagination.

what would you collect?

I already collect books. And Alejandro says my office has too many mirrors. Ten isn't too many.

What is a hobby, kink, quirk nobody but you knows?

I think Alejandro knows all of them. He drives me wild with his nipple rings. Always teasing me the fucker.

What is your fondest memory?

Helping Summanus my baby brother learn about his powers. See he can manipulate darkness and shadows. And one time we accidentally traveled through shadows from our parents home to Buckingham palace. Scared us both.

What scares you the most (even if it seems silly to others)?

Losing control over my powers. I'm afraid that one day I'll lose control and I could change the whole world.

How was the relationship with your parents?

Ugh!! Seriously, my father is the mayor, and my mom is rich. Between the balls and meetings I barely saw them. When it was time for my powers to manifest fully I was a huge disappointment. Right now my parents are furious that I declared myself as the protector of the city.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still with Alejandro and maybe we've adopted a kid.

If you were an animal what would you be?

A liger. The hybrid child of a Lion and a tiger.

If you could get away with anything, what would you do?

Snorts. Run Milky Way IL my way. I mean seriously my father only cares about brown nosing.

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Character bio: Tevan Wynters

Character Bio: Tevan Wynters

Full Name: Tevan Hodr Wynters

Aliases: Tevan, Mr, Wynters, Protector, Hunter, and Warrior; Chaos Cardinal, the Cardinal Warper, Warper

Relatives: Alejandro Leon Martinez – Husband; Vanderbilts, Lilith, Merlin, Abramelin the Mage, Bridget Bishop, and Jean Bodin; The Wynters Family: Lord Xathena Wynters: Magic Lord and Ancestor; Romanus Wynters; Lady Harper Khthonia; Dove Khthonia-Wynters; Acrisius "Cris" Wynters: Mayor of Milky Way; August "Gus" Wynters; Monte Thyme - Husband to Artesia; Artesia Wynters Thyme - Sister of Tevan; Sydyk Wynters - Brother to Tevan; Bridget Wynters - Sister to Tevan; Xanthê – Sister; Ursula – Sister; Summanus – Brother; Pythios Wynters – Uncle; Erika Wynters: Sister in Law to Cris. Aunt to Tevan; Laurie Cabot - cousin first removed

Affiliation: The Zodiac Pack,

Base of Operations: Milky Way, Illinois

Citizenship: American Witch

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Social Worker for the supernatural community, Alpha mate to the Zodiac Pack

Gender: Male

Height 6'

Weight: 210

Eyes: whiskey gold can darken to mahogany or change to white and silver

Hair: white blonde hair streaked with purple

Unusual Features: can develop fangs and claws; mate mark

Place of birth: Milky Way, IL


Tevan Wynters was born two years after his sister Artesia Wynters. In 1984 after his birth in the Milky Way hospital he was lying in his basinet when he was visited by the embodiment of Chaos. The Embodiment blessed him with the powers to warp reality as he saw fit.

The following years saw Tevan grow and help his family raise his siblings Sydyk, Bridget, Xanthê, Ursula and Summanus. Since Summanus was the youngest, he called Tevan da-da when Summanus was 3 and Tevan was 11. Tevan was the one who taught his siblings about magick and how to control their powers.

Everyone in his family thought that he never had any powers as he never exhibited any. But by age 14 he developed the power known as True Sight. He was able to see the true forms of anyone. He was the one that saw through Pythios and Erika to see that they were really deities and he could see the human form of shifters.

After his 15th birthday he was visited by the Embodiment of Aether and blessed with powers that only the most powerful ever saw. Like the power to engulf his body into flames without getting hurt.

Soon after Summanus's birthday and an argument between his mother and father saw Tevan leaving home.

When he finally moved into his own apartment, he learned the truth about his powers as both of the embodiments of Chaos and Aether paid him a visit. They told him what his powers are and they gave him the titles of Chaos Cardinal and Cardinal Warper.

Tevan tried to return home once at Christmas with his then boyfriend Midas King; that Christmas his parents forbid him to ever return. On New Year’s Midas dumped him because he didn’t think that Tevan had access to money to keep him happy.

Tevan was heartbroken but he went on about his life. He went on a couple of dates so that a new guy wouldn’t be a rebound guy.

Not five months after getting his job with the social services, Tevan walks into Komodo for lunch one day and ends up bumping into a handsome man, who had black hair with a reddish tint, and blue eyes that were mesmerizing. The man introduced himself as Alejandro Martinez the District Attorney for Milky Way.

A month later saw Tevan on his first date with Alejandro. They continued to date with Alejandro keeping the secret that Tevan was his mate.

Powers: Reality Warping; Heal others, sensing disease, summon weather patterns (rain clouds, fog, lightning), engulf himself in white flames, teleport objects or/and beings, glimpses of the future,

Weather Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, True Sight,

Butterfly Scattering, Witch Song, Immortality,

Weapons: Witch’s Glaive, Chaos blade,

Hecate’s horn made from silver with moonstones

**Go to for more on powers except for Witch Song

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Hello Timan

A model that is depicting my character Timan from A Demonic Christmas book 1 of the Zodiac Pack.

Phoenix Hell

Phoenix Hell

Take a Deep

Phoenix Hell